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Discover OdishaSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABhadrakBhadrakBhadrak27-04-201094370010170 Abinash Jena
District AIDS Prevention & Control UnitSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreBalasore OdishaBalasore Odisha12-06-201498535830180 Mr Maharana
Dharitri Multi Services pvt. Ltd.Self Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreBhaskarganj 'A' Balasore OdishaBhaskarganj 'A' Balasore Odisha12-06-201494380020800 Lokanath Mishra
BPMUSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreHatigarh CHC Jaleswar Balasore OdishaHatigarh CHC Jaleswar Balasore Odisha12-06-201494371593470 Pradeep Kumar Dutta
Bharatiya Samruddhi Finance Limited(BASIX)Self Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreBasta(BASIX) Balasore OdishaBasta(BASIX) Balasore Odisha12-06-201494383630360 Sai Ranjan Das
VandemataramSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreKharida Saud Bahanaga Balasore OdishaKharida Saud Bahanaga Balasore Odisha12-06-201498619164620 Sri Prahalad Nayak
Trisakha PathagaraSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreBeliri Somanathpur Balasore OdishaBeliri Somanathpur Balasore Odisha12-06-201498538798740 Muktikanta Das
Utkalshree ClubSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreDemuria Jaleswar Balasore OdishaDemuria Jaleswar Balasore Odisha12-06-201492386336440 Muralidhar Pradhan
Trikuteswar Athletic ClubSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreSaud Bahanaga Balasore OdishaSaud Bahanaga Balasore Odisha12-06-201495566339990 Biswajit Nayak
Utkal Educational and Social Welfare TrustSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreBhaskarganj Balasore OdishaBhaskarganj Balasore Odisha12-06-201498537813320 Ashok Kumar Mohapatra
Technosoft Computer EducationSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreNear Overseas Bank Kuruda Balasore OdishaNear Overseas Bank Kuruda Balasore Odisha12-06-201494398332460 Prasanna Kumar Patel
Utkal ClubSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreMuntunia Balasore OdishaMuntunia Balasore Odisha12-06-201499384457560 Tapan Kumar Sahoo
Synergy Multi Gym(The Body Maker)Self Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreFundi Bazar Balasore OdishaFundi Bazar Balasore Odisha12-06-201493376235450 Rakesh Saha
Shraddheswar Yubak SanghaSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreChaka Arjuni Jaleswar Balasore OdishaChaka Arjuni Jaleswar Balasore Odisha12-06-201492388884500 Lelin Kumar Pradhan
United ClubSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreAvana Balasore Odisha 756051Avana Balasore Odisha 75605112-06-201490905388980 Ramakanta Behera
Shitala Thakurani MahavidyalayaSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreKhuluda Nampo Jaleswar Balasore OdishaKhuluda Nampo Jaleswar Balasore Odisha12-06-201499383816080 Sailesh Chandra Pattanayak
Udala CollegeSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHAMayurbhanjUdala Mayurbhanj OdishaUdala Mayurbhanj Odisha12-06-201499386108480 Dr Gajendra Prasad Parida
Shantilata MahavidyalayaSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreUtikiri Balasore Odisha 756029Utikiri Balasore Odisha 75602912-06-201492388888450 Govinda Ch Majhi
U N CollegeSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreSoro Balasore OdishaSoro Balasore Odisha12-06-20149437266917678821222 Rabi Narayan Choudhury
Seemanta Shantilata Sanskrit Womens CollegeSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreMahagab Kamarda Balasore Odisha 756035Mahagab Kamarda Balasore Odisha 75603512-06-201495839296140 Pran Ballav Das
Satsang Kendra RemunaSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreRemuna Balasore OdishaRemuna Balasore Odisha12-06-201467823245200 Ramachandra Das
Satsang Kendra JaleswarSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreJaleswar Balasore OdishaJaleswar Balasore Odisha12-06-201494371561120 Kedarnath Mohanty
Yuba BharatSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreKalyan Nagar Angargadia Balasore OdishaKalyan Nagar Angargadia Balasore Odisha12-06-201490401284830 Kapil Kumar Chand
Youth Congress CommitteeSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreRemuna Balasore OdishaRemuna Balasore Odisha12-06-201494379252430 Prakash Kumar Giri
Satsang Kendra BahabalpurSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreBahabalpur Balasore OdishaBahabalpur Balasore Odisha12-06-201498537141410 Jagannath Kamila
Young Star ClubSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreBahanga Balasore OdishaBahanga Balasore Odisha12-06-201489086060330 Satyabrata Behera
Vyasakavi Nagar Vikash ParishadSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreVyasakabinagar Chandmari Padia Sadevkhunta Balasore OdishaVyasakabinagar Chandmari Padia Sadevkhunta Balasore Odisha12-06-201493378717240 Mr H K Das
Satsang Bihar BalasoreSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreBalasore OdishaBalasore Odisha12-06-201494383546430 Surendra Prasad Pattanaik
Voluntary Blood Donor's AssociationSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreBalasore OdishaBalasore Odisha12-06-201494370776660 Biplab Mohanty
Sathya Sai Seva Samiti(Remuna)Self Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreRemuna Balasore odishaRemuna Balasore odisha12-06-201487633127800 Bhagabat Jena
Vivekananda KendraSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreJail Road Balasore OdishaJail Road Balasore Odisha12-06-201498538958330 Premananda Piri
Viswa Hindu ParishadSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreOupada Balasore OdishaOupada Balasore Odisha12-06-201494382149990 Ajay Kumar Pradhan
Sathya Sai Seva Samiti(Nilagiri)Self Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreNilagiri Balasore OdishaNilagiri Balasore Odisha12-06-201498537555200 Dilip Kumar Lenka
Village CommitteeSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasorePratapur Nilagiri Balasore OdishaPratapur Nilagiri Balasore Odisha12-06-201494371380350 Pravat Chandra Choudhury
Vijayanjali Institute of TechnologySelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreKhantapada Balasore OdishaKhantapada Balasore Odisha12-06-201494373554290 Shashikanta Mishra
Sathya Sai Seva Samiti(Khaira)Self Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasorekhaira Balasore Odishakhaira Balasore Odisha12-06-201494375654710 Saroj Kumar Biswal
Sathya Sai Seva Samiti(Kanthibaunri)Self Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreKanthibaunri Bhograi Balasore OdishaKanthibaunri Bhograi Balasore Odisha12-06-201494372862720 Saswat Kumar Jena
Rotary ClubSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreBalasore OdishaBalasore Odisha12-06-201498444110770 Mukhtar Ahmed
Rose ClubSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreJaleswar Balasore OdishaJaleswar Balasore Odisha12-06-201494371288800 Subrato Kumar Rana
Rising Star ClubSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreBishnupur Bahanaga Balasore OdishaBishnupur Bahanaga Balasore Odisha12-06-201493733750720 Pradeep Kumar Jena
Sathya Sai Seva Samiti(Baliapal)Self Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreBaliapal Balasore OdishaBaliapal Balasore Odisha12-06-201499375882290 Sudhir Kumar Parida
Remuna Yuba SamajSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreRemuna Balasore OdishaRemuna Balasore Odisha12-06-201494397003370 Dhiraj Kumar Das
Remuna Mahotsav CommitteeSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreRemuna Balasore OdishaRemuna Balasore Odisha12-06-201499383459210 Biswambhar Pattanaik
Sathya Sai Seva Samiti-5Self Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreBalasore OdishaBalasore Odisha12-06-201494383964780 Nihar Ranjan Barik
Relax ClubSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreGopalpur Ajodhya Balasore OdishaGopalpur Ajodhya Balasore Odisha12-06-201497762649390 Sridhara Behera
Regional Truck Owner's Co-ordination CommitteSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreJanuganj Golai Balasore OdishaJanuganj Golai Balasore Odisha12-06-201493383040740 Bhudeb Mohapatra
Sathya Sai Seva Samiti-4Self Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreAtapur Balasore OdishaAtapur Balasore Odisha12-06-201499387851200 Panchanan Sial
Ramarani Institute of TechnologySelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreTamulia Balasore OdishaTamulia Balasore Odisha12-06-201493378395230 Soumya
Sathyasai Seva GroupSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreBalukposhi Raj Nilagiri Balasore OdishaBalukposhi Raj Nilagiri Balasore Odisha12-06-201490403294220 Prakash kumar Khilar
Raghunath Jew High SchoolSelf Help Group/MotivatorsODISHABalasoreUdambar Remuna Balasore OdishaUdambar Remuna Balasore Odisha12-06-201494374359250 Bhagaban Mohanty

Discoverodisha's Project

This is an initiative by team Discover Odisha to enable people of Odisha with normal availability of blood. This project shall help blood banks make available of all types of blood including rare groups. We have created this database for those willing to donate blood & for those people who need blood at critical times. It will help all the Red Cross blood banks to find the volunteer blood donors nearby.

Why Donate Blood

Donation of blood has a specify reason, to save human life. You just need your own reason. As,some of us give blood because we were asked by a friend or relative. Some because they feel they might need some day. Some because they believe it is the right thing we do. The need for blood is constantly required, so what ever the reasons may be You'll feel good that you have helped save a life.


This is an initiative by team Discover Odisha to enable people of Odisha with normal availability of blood.This project shall help blood banks make available of all types of blood including rare groups. We have created this database for those willing to donate blood & for those people who need blood at critical times. It will help all the Red Cross blood banks to find the volunteer blood donors nearby. This will help store all the required blood groups at blood banks. Human life is precious & blood is an essential body fluid which keeps humans alive. Shortage of blood at critical times shall lead to fatal conditions & even death.

Our initiative & request to all, to willingly donate blood or register here so that you can donate blood when required. The system does not expose personal details of blood donors on the web openly thereby protects information abuse or misuse The System is capable to maintain up to date blood donor data & also it doesnot allow invalid numbers or false entries in case of emergency Customer interface number shall allow needed persons find the nearest willing .

Supported By : Discover Odisha Team